If it’s too easy, then be wary of scam!!


Grab your pen and your paper quickly to have a transforming time with me so that you won’t find this page deleted before the next time you’re in the mood to learn.

A prospect was referred to me and her one question was…

“how does buying and selling works to make millions in a short time?”

I’ll tell you my response to her question and I’ll now break it down for you so that you can use it too.




“Decide on hot selling product niches like fashion, kitchen and smart device, create and build a brand around it, buy a testable quantity within the Chinese warehouses in Nigeria, if you can’t find in the warehouses then get it from international eCommerce site, set it up on FREE CLASSIFIED online market so that you can easily promote it, and get your calculations right. If it moves, order large quantity and then sell off on every eCommerce platform you know within 2 weeks. Do this again and again!”


See an example below: 


This is the exact process and then you scale it up.


This easy???


Yes, That easy!  but you need to learn how to do it so that you won’t be like everybody out there who struggles to make at most 10k sales a day.
Or those who get stuck midway and ditch everything in total.



I know some people who went all excited to have a store on eCommerce platforms but today, they’re out of it. This isn’t to bad mouth anyone nor to scare you, it’s so that you prepare your mind to patiently learn how to do it as I’ll be showing you in just 5 minutes.


Why eCommerce when we can #buyNaijaGrowNaija?


What many people don’t know is that all the countries of the continent depend on products from other countries to survive no matter how small.


Nigeria on her own is a “buyer nation” and that’s why you’ll see several shopping malls owned by Non-Nigerians coming up each day.


And our made in Naija price sometimes is too costly for the mass to afford because the made in Naija herself depends on some imported products. This is a case of Naija rice recently enforced at #16,000 from company while the imported ones despite transportation cost #12,200 from importers.


So we’ll do our best to use the money we make to solve pressing issues to grow Naija abi


no be so?


Another thing is, when we make the money, we should use it to create the aspired Nigeria future for ourselves and our children.


Back to our lessons…

Ecommerce Reality

If someone tell you that making money through ecommerce is easy, then I’m sorry to disappoint you, IT IS NOT. Even thou you can do it within the four corners of your home but you’ll spend hours searching for the latest fastest selling products. You’ll spend time and energy dealing with the humans handling your goods…etc. If it’s that easy, then everyone will be millionaire. So get this well now. The good thing is that when you do it once, you can let someone do it for you subsequently.


Research the Hot Selling Products

This is pretty simple if you have the right tools. Keywordrevealer is one of such tool. Alibaba website is also one of such tools we use, by looking out for the most exported to USA and to Nigeria. You’ll even see some categories of hottest selling so all you need to do is imagine or picture the product home to know how valuable it will be and you’re good to go.


Create your Brand

Don’t wait until you’re big to create your identity. People judge you based on the perception you project. Thankfully, you can do that with the tools on your phone.

  1. Choose a name
  2. Check its availability on
  3. If it marks green on namecheckr, open a GMAIL ACCOUNT with it.
  4. Open TWITTER and instagram accounts with the name and create a Facebook page from your existing Facebook profile. Use your existing accounts to promote it.
  5. Design your logo and demand for a transparent background that you can always use to watermark your product pictures, banner or videos.
  6. Be ready for advert( not the money wasting “boost post” o )


Search for the Products

Your first search should be offline, through the Chinese warehouses in Nigeria. 

Don’t ever make the mistake of just going for importation so as not to get the shock of your life when you come across it here at ⅓ of the amount you import it…details of warehouse is in the other part.


TYPE 1: The sellers at EKO, TRADE FAIR LAGOS and DIFFERENT PART OF LAGOS contributed money and paid Chinese manufacturers to open warehouses for a specific hot selling niches of theirs like bags, shoes, household daily needs, kids etc in LAGOS.
TYPE 2: The Nigerian DEALERS bring in product in large consignment either single handedly or by doing joint importation…
TYPE 3: They are licensed Nigerian DEALERS that partner with foreign manufacturers.


 Visit the Chinese manufacturing companies of your choice as will be discussed below

Start with and favourite the product you’re interested in.


Copy the product you’re interested in and proceed to the next step.


Visit which is the Chinese manufacturing companies where Alibaba and aliexpress distributors buy from. It’s in Chinese Language so use chrome translator to set it to English and register.


Put the product name on the search bar and you’ll see damn ridiculous price in Chinese currency Yuan ¥, convert it on Google to see for yourself.


Just click on SHARE icon and share it with your agent.


Sometimes, the English switch back to Chinese and it makes it complicated lol. Just put your copied product name on Google Translator and copy the Chinese version onto the search bar of 1688 home page.


And if this is difficult for you, just give the link from Alibaba to your agent to search for you on


Your agent will convert the amount for you, you’ll pay with your master card and he in turn pays for you.


Now it’s time to Choose your agents and your shipping company.


Your agents are those who will help you buy in China, those whom you can either give them picture or link of your desired product. They buy it and take it to your shipping company.


Your shipping company are those that’ll bring it from China to Lagos and then deliver it to your house.


We have contacts of verified agents through our book or mentoring. But you don’t have to use our verified agents, use your own.



Once your product has arrived, it’s time to sell.

Before I tell you this, I want you to please know that majority have this info, but they don’t know how to get our kind of result with. While others run at lost, some other get banned so I’ll advice you to still pay attention to the very last part.


Why Selling on ECommerce Platform?


This is because they’ve invested and still investing a lot of money in adverts. They’ve built a KLT (know-like & trust) factor with customers such that customer will buy from them with less stress than buying from you until we set up our strategies and marketing campaign.


Meanwhile, we can still be making loads of money like the one below under 3 months while launching our on eCommerce site.



Set up an account with your newly created store name on , etc so that you have the benefit of promoting your store.


These things are pretty easy as sending a mail.


For jumia and konga, use this link and this respectively but hey you’ll need to write exam and pass before you’ll be approved.


PS: I now have step by step EBOOK and MENTORING that can get you the kind of extraordinary result I get for myself and my trainees around any of the modules I’ll soon be sharing below.

The books and the mentoring are not loads of information like you use to know with most Nigerian internet business, they’re crafted by me with the intention to get extraordinary result for people by the grace of God.

In the next few days, I’ll be mentoring a very few Nigerians to get the kind of results gotten by by mentees as shown in the screenshot of one of my trainees below on the step by steps of hitting 6 figures running an ecommerce shop.


Thou it’s for a selected few, click here now perhaps you may be considered if you meet the criteria.


Click below to read on




You need to check out my upcoming step by step 9 weeks mentoring and my ecommerce books through the links here:


You may choose not to do the mentoring, you may choose to buy the book at their prelaunching prices… 

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      I has to start getting paid when I started the business of coaching. I realized it’s my data, my time, my experience, my knowledge and I also paid for training too to be able to give my best.

      One thing is certain to me whenever I feel like hoarding something, it’s the reality of death. If I die today, I’ll be gone with all my info, why don’t I just trade my deeper secret and live fulfilled?

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