Temitope Kifayah Adeniyi Omotosho

“When I started The Legit-Way-Out , it was just as a means to get fed and have basic necessities. No clear goal, no clear vision.”

__ Kifayah Adeniyi Omotosho, a homeschooling mama of five, an online business trainer, a playful foodie, a strategist by nature.

Having gone through lost of parent, severe poverty, depression, severe hunger, homelessness etc, Kifayah’s life was transformed which lead to The Legit-Way-Out: Money, Business and Lifestyle company that focuses on helping individual and businesses with life strategies and social media skill sets that help them get better business, more money and freedom.

Kifayah and her company has helped over 2000 individuals and businesses across 8 different countries… helping a total business newbie to create business from their passion, experiences and necessities with social selling tools, expanding average business into a high income generating business.

What my clients are saying...

My company started out as a real estate agent company that struggles to close sales. Working with The Legit-Way-Out change our company story for good.

Today, my then company has become our company that attracts investors and clients from home and in diaspora.

– Florahomes Global CONSULT (CEO)

My journey into business started 3 years ago, I started with selling quality pots from flea market, I later decided to expand my business by going into kitchenwares, I was using WhatsApp and Facebook where I met momprenur and started following her and began to register for most of her courses. I learnt how to screen shot, pic mix, advertise….. through her courses.

When I heard about her 6 figures buying and selling online course, I gave her a call to get assurance that I will be making good money if I register for the course, I told her I want to be sure before puting down my money and she assured me that if I follow all the things she will be teaching us, there won’t be problem by God’s grace.

I am very happy , grateful and never regret joining the class because it was actually the beginning of more success in my business.

?I started another business through the 6 Figures Buying and Selling Course middle of August and by God’s grace I have sold more than?3 Million Naira? till date, through hard-work and dedication.

?Momprenur is simply one of the best , she has really transformed me to a proper business woman, ones again I am very grateful to God Almighty who used her to improve my business and business mind set.

?I will recommend that people should key into her courses and don’t mind how much it cost because am very sure if you are highly dedicated and follow her judiciously you will get back your money in less than a month by God’s grace.

?My recommendation is that some parts of the course should be held live so as to carry along and motivate the slow ones amongst us.
Love you Momprenur for God’s Sake.?

?Thank you all for making the class interactive, engaging and productive.?

– One of my Students

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TheLegitWayOut is here to:

Early Stages

I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and transforming the lives of people around me and afar, whether familiar or strangers, no matter how complex they might seem to be  or how complicated their cases are (Lol) – within a limited time frame.

Career Start

I work with you, yes you… irrespective of your level or status with my life experience, entrepreneurial skills engineering knowledge, Psychology and coaching skills..I also coach experts on how to build an online empire…meeting the whole world, this will generate more money even while you’re asleep or on holiday. I also help through developing strategies no matter what the case may be God’s willing.

My clients – people are diverse,
but one thing unites all: an active position in life.

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