I never knew I could make over 700k within a week just by helping someone I don’t know to sell his car off using my social media account.

Leverage OPT, OPI, OPM,OPP, OPE and OPA (Other People’s Time, Other people’s Idea,   Other People’s Money, Other People’s Platform, Other People’s Energy and Other People’s Asset) is what is commonly applied which is to be combined strategically with the different arbitrage option.

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Dear Friend,

I am Temitope Kifayah, popularly called Mompreneur, daughter of Adeniyi, wife of Omotosho, homeschooling mama of five…

I’m a foodie, especially Amala with Abula, I love playing ?

I’m the founder of The Legit-Way-Out where I help individuals on self discovery, kickstarting hustle business and dream business. We also help companies with content, social media tools and strategies to attract more paying client.

I run two online retail Arbitrage stores, I have at least 5 arbitrage sources of income per time. You may check through my website or Google my name to confirm my lies.

How Retail Arbitrage Transformed My Life.

Many who heard my story thought it’s a fake one… You know why?

When you have your first child and you’re not rich, there’s a Nigerian factor that makes it almost “impossible” for you to make it in life.


Ok you too think about how expenses begin to rise exponentially when kids mouth become bigger, their education, their clothing and many other upkeep.

I became depressed, hateful, suicidal etc etc… And I always wished we could just go back to Ife, my higher institution, because I believed opportunity was in Ife and only the rich had opportunity in Lagos.

Thank God we are alive here in Lagos today.

The story changed the day I realized we’ve spent 2 years already in Lagos and life wasn’t taking us to Ife… So I began to see OPPORTUNITIES.

Mr A called hubby that his boss had an almost brand new car to sell off because he needed money, we negotiated and confirmed documents, we put it online through a friend where market price is entirely different, almost 5 calls came in the same day, with a single seriously serious buyer…we closed the deal.


The seller agreed we put our commission because he wasn’t ready to pay for selling services.


We made 1.5m just like that was shared amicably between all involved  intermediary. OK we banked 650k?.


This single experience taught me a whole lot and it transformed my life.


Although this is the simplest and most common form of arbitrage, almost everyone can make money instantaneously once the principle is understood.


Good thing is, it doesn’t require being techy or having money, once you have an android phone with good data connection, you’re good to go.


Arbitrage cut across any form of products and services EITHER you’re skilled or not.


There’s a strategy to use.


Simply put, you don’t need to worry about not knowing who have a car to sell, neither do you need to worry about a friend that can post it online, nor even about money to use when it involves money…


Leverage OPT, OPI, OPM,OPP, OPE and OPA (Other People’s Time, Other people’s Idea,   Other People’s Money, Other People’s Platform, Other People’s Energy and Other People’s Asset) is what is commonly applied which is to be combined strategically with the different arbitrage option.

I created a book where I put step by step of what you need, what to do and how to do it.


I know that most people wonder why coaches or internet marketers charge so high, I then came to realise I do the same thing for the same reason or similar reasons other do.


If it’s too expensive, they’ll say they don’t have money, if it’s too cheap, they’ll call it a crap that they just want to get little little money from you since you can find the info on Google free of charge.


I’m sorry to burst your bubble, I promise to make this cheap and I’ll leave it like that, and yet the case studies, the oversimplified strategic steps and the selling tactics here that worth thousands of Naira can’t be found on Google. I should not be telling you this if you’ve read my blog before, I lay my inner circle strategies open without holding back.

@#5,000 only

I have a mantra, Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing excellently.

Here what this my lady has to say


“The first time I reached out to Mompreneur, I didn’t have a dime, I was disappointed in Mompreneur because she insisted I pay for her course. Of course I know she’s a business woman And not a charity organization, I just thought she could at least do that for free even thou I didn’t open up to tell her how broke I was… I just expected her to have a clue from why I came to her in the first instance. I summoned the courage to tell her how broke I was but I ended up being more disappointed in her because she said she was going to collect a pay. She however did something that amazed me. She said…

 I’ll teach you how to make money in a simplest form of arbitrage so that you can use part of it  for personal reason and use the other part to invest in paying me for further training.

  • She told me to look around me, tell her what I personally complain about, either due to scarcity or low quality, I should also do a kind of mini interrogation with my neighbours to see what they lack most, what they’re capable of and what they’ll be willing to pay for. I did this and I gladly filled the gap and got paid. I thought my money making skills had been buried, I never knew it could work so perfectly like that. Thank you so much Momp for bringing out the genius in me…

     Best regards;

    –A super satisfied client that has referred many clients”.


    After having used the strategies with many people, I decided it’s high time I take it out to help many people.

@#5,000 only

Valid for only 24hours

 Here’s a brief show off of what you’ll find in the book...


    •  What’s Arbitrage and Who’s an Arbitrageur?
    • Tool of the business
    • Types of Arbitrage and how to apply them.
    • Levels of Arbitrage
    • Different method of Creating a need
    • Branding
    • Making the money
    • Marketing
    • Selling including Facebook and WhatsApp selling.
    • Case Studies of Arbitrage
    • Leverage and its application.

@#5,000 only

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