If you’ve not started helping others before now, start doing so from today on, NO! sorry, this moment on…

Sound weird en?

Follow this…

As you know that I’m a homeschooling mother of four and that I make my money from home( if you don’t know before at least now you know…lol).

Friends, clients and others come home too with my permission… if you work from home, don’t let people abuse it by visiting anyhow against your planning except when necessary or some few occasions.

Do you get that?

Now, back to work!

A friend came visiting and I told her that wealth and happiness only come with helping others to live a good life ( as usual my topic of discussion was “ living a life of financial freedom and happiness “)

This comes in anyway you can do it…no matter how small.

Reading and sharing knowledge is my joyous moment but I hated writing… Just because the only way I could get across to somebody somewhere, I had to scribble my thoughts anyhow…lol

Anyway helping others is why I became a Chemical Engineer and whatever I’m today( story for other time)

Back to my friend, she didn’t really understand my point until later.

She mentioned my name like three days later in a Facebook status she shared, the post itself was by Roger James Hamilton.


What am I saying sef?


Roger was actually talking about  Susan  Wojcicki (how do I pronounce that? teach me if you know, winks) but that’s her name sha.


Susan is the most powerful woman on the internet. She rented out her garage, helped the tenants and made 300 million dollars.


She’s the mom @ Google, also called THE MONEY.


You can GOOGLE about this Miss GOOGLE to learn more.


You know what?


This my friend had helped me!


She did this without her realizing how this Susan story had even changed me and made me to be more stubborn with my goals and of course strategic with my plans.

I became more productive and see the sky as the  beginning of my beginnings irrespective of the barrier.


What did I simply do?


I just helped my friend by talking positive of her gifts and being, I spoke to her about seeing her as a gifted woman and that she can make fortune through it and I told her how?


She was delighted and overwhelmed and prayed for me and she’s been working towards greatness ever since then…unstoppable she becomes.


She didn’t even know that she helped me by calling my attention to this particular post by Roger James…thou I’ve not thanked her well other than through Facebook comments box.


With the same friend, I told her about being persistent no matter how little and she cut me in by mentioning her very own friend on Facebook when she had scanty followers…this lady posted persistently and today she’s exceeded the friends request limits.


She’s one of those with over 500 comments on a single post without her putting her comments to increase the thread…lol, we know ourselves


My friend had helped me again!


I’ve spotted someone that can promote my brand as an entrepreneur. This I got through our words together.


** listen and pay attention to others no matter how gifted you are, they have their gifts and overwhelming information,  they can help you if you’re humble enough to see blessings in them.


Whenever I play silly with my children, I’m no more than “a clown” and they just laugh and roll while I enjoy the result.


We laugh and enjoy our moment together…


To them, I’m doing a memorable thing in their lives which they always look forward to… Better put, I help them.


Reality: they’re helping me, I get refreshed brain, more focused and more productive.


My head and mind is clearer and I can solve puzzle more easily.


Do you pay attention to opportunity and time?


Don’t delay ,don’t procrastinate…look around you and help someone now!


I mean NOW!!!


Someone will be like “I don’t even have money and I’m so weak to help others”…


Please seek help through a coach before you become even weaker and “broker”… Lol


I say again, learn to see the opportunity of helping others , then see your life as it’ll be  turned around.


When you help others, your story might not go like Susan’s or mine but it’ll come out marvelous too.


Help others to get better lives, safe them from hardship, create a value in their lives, solve their puzzle and challenges, help them out in a little way, help them also by giving what you have…

In fact ,go shopping and cut grasses for the poor woman beside your house, her child might be stinkingly rich.


“Use what you have because what you have is plenty”__John Obidi.


I’m Kifayah Mompreneur, passionate about transforming your life to greatness.

The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.

— Nolan Bushnell, entrepreneur

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