She struggled to enrol me into the most expensive school in my village (then N350… lol). That’s the school for lecturers’ kids in my village ( my village had one and only “College of Education” then).

N350 was actually BIG money in the late 80s yet she sacrificed to “kill” me.

She used to pay my school fees at the end of term so I would have been sent home many times, missing several days of lesson. My school bag was a “sack bag” with my “omo lecturer” school mates carrying their back pack well kitted with their “back to school” shoes while I put on my “look”_sandal…he he he, do you remember that sandal?

My mum “killed” me…

I carried “eba” and “black amala” to school and sometimes white beans( reserved for the poor back then…lol) cooked with a table spoon of palm oil… imagine how bad it’ll look. I wouldn’t eat in school because because I feared my friends would mock me.

I was not the only one like that thou…I could remember Sheri very well, Omo iya Oni Moinmoin ( Moinmoin seller’s daughter)… Haa! Sheri’s case was worse than mine.

I grew really skinny out of starvation yet they’d open my well packed sack of food all because they wanted to mock me. “See the poo-poo she brings to school” was their usual song to me.

This wasn’t funny to me as a kid as I would be buried in sadness and I’d fight every blessed morning to resist going to school…I hated school no be wasa

My mum almost “killed” me because my self esteem almost died.

I maintained 35th position out of 36 students because she wanted to kill me.

A teacher called to intervene and she advised that I’m withdrawn from the school.

So she chose another school where I became a local champion and she woke me up from my “death bed”. I came alive and started with second position out of 50 students for my very first term spent in the new school.

Then I started having an over-dose marks because I was so meticulous, hey, honestly my brain works faster than the speed of light…hahaha I’m not the best o.

Have you heard of someone having 13/10 or 110/100?
Nah me be that…lol

I became free and I always think differently from the crowd.

I became the best student right from that time till my SSCE cert…( thou I hated that English as a Subject ***bone face)

While my mates were choosing courses to work in oil company, I only chose Chemical Engineering because “further Maths” and “Organic Chemistry” was my best bet.
Hey! Don’t think that I’m one serious workaholic, na na…don’t go there, I’m super playful, I can gist for 24 complete hours and I can be daring too… but I’m so committed to you, yes YOU.

I shined and I smiled in my Noble course!

I see a solution @ the sight of problem…that’s the rule of mathematics because this is what will show you direction, who can relate here?
( the End which is goal here, in mind is the rule of success that’ll help your planning)…hard figuring that out?
Read it again…

Every complicated “issues” became “a b c…”

Are you killing your businesses because you love them?

Are you trying to compete with the crowd when you have what can set you alive?

Don’t push your business to where it doesn’t belong just because you’ve invested so much in it.

Help it to live again by putting it where it belongs! NOW!

Why worry about the fruit while it’s the fault of the root?

How may I help you?

…I remain your partner in progress, so so committed to your success.

Kifayah Adeniyi Mompreneur

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