You Can Not Run More Than Your Inner And Outer Strength Combined

Welcome to Kifayah Circle Of Influence

Your Network Determines Your Net Worth.

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Kifayah Circle of Influence is a close-knit group where we bond as family to achieve extraordinary life and business results. I share both inner and outer games of life that made me money, happiness, and influence without leaving out spouse/family wealth and spirituality. 

This is a year-long program, so if you are ready for a journey of self transformation and exponential growth, then this is for you!

  • Unlimited Support

    You will get non-stop access to our support group where all questions, doubts and fears will be attended to.

    Weekly videos, goal setting, mind mapping and action planning with templates and guide.

  • One-on-One Call Sessions

    Additional One hour call between me and you every month. This is to be able to work based on your level and state, understanding your challenges and your personal struggles.

  • Start-up Business Ideas And Investment Opportunities That Gives Freedom Of Time

    Either you have money to start the business of your dream or you don’t, I’ll help you to generate and execute global business ideas from scratch. You’ll also get Investment Opportunities where your money works for you while you enjoy your time with the people in your life.

  • Mindset Building

    The outcomes you get is directly dependent on your mindset. You will get Positive mindset building necessary for your success.

  • Self Discovery

    Let me take you through a journey of enlightenment about yourself, the more you know yourself, the more you discover your true nature. The more you discover your happiness and the more you grow in wealth. Depression is real and it usually comes from the feeling of confusion, hopelessness, sadness and rejection.

  • Online Selling

    A business not on the internet is a business of the past. You need the tools and the strategies of successful online business structure to excel in your online business. This we will also be giving you too. 

  • Book Reading

    Information is the new gold and believe me when I say they are hidden in books, either digital or physical book. We dig out, share and review a short and transformational book every month.

  • Better Love with Better Half: Holiday, togetherness and everything in between

    What will be the essence of happy life for married man and woman that do not fall over head in love again and again with his/her spouse?

    Grooming ourselves, loving our spouses with all our imperfection.

    Yes we do this too, only within my circle of influence.

How does the circle of influence work?


In life, there are two circles in play that determines how successful you are in your  life, business, financial stability and how much you get things done.

The circle of concern focuses on things which we have no control over, things that will definitely happen whether you like it or not. This naturally makes you a reactive person, expending your valuable time and energy complaining about how things are, like how someone is driving, national debt, etc.

On the other hand, the Circle of Influence involves what you have control over, which is basically "how you react" to those things. You can choose to exchange your money in the black market instead of the bank rather than compainining and you can also decide to take an umbrella everywhere you go if the weather does not suit you. Your circle of influence makes you proactive, to achieve better results despite the uncontrollable situation.


Kifayah circle of influence will give you an insight on the areas in which you expend your energy on, making you proactive by working on the things you can do something about.


This is irrespective of our location once there is a browsing phone.



How much will this cost?

  • N100,000.00 Monthly for 1 year (You can opt-out at anytime)
  • N250,000.00 for 3 Months (Paid quarterly)
  • N900,000.00 (Paid ONCE)