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PS: This is part 1 of a 4 parts Complete WhatsApp Selling tips and tricks that made me one of the 15 businesses in Facebook SME Council Nigeria. The Complete WhatsApp Selling that made me millions of Naira Monthly.



“hehehe, I heard you say you’re making millions of Naira on WHATSAPP? Are you for real or another scammer?”


This is easy.


Oh Yes, pretty easy!

I was going through my archive and I saw a post I shared as a panelist at the Social Media Week 2017 which made Facebook team to contact me.

I also used some of the tips when I wanted to apply for a She Lead Africa program and the application was to close in the next 2 hours of that precious night.

The condition to be considered was when you enrol people to their list.

The following morning, their Secretary contacted  me about who I was and what I did.

They realised I enrolled the highest number of people despite the fact that the application had been on for weeks, I came in about 2 hours before the application closed and I got so much subscription.

Of course, they had to organize a meeting with me too… haha.

It was the same method I used to make my first 1 million Naira on whatsapp in 3 months.

Enough about how I used it, let’s go to how you can use it too.
Here it goes…


1) Create a broadcast list with your contacts.

Note:  It’s a broadcast list I call it, NOT group o.


Plus, you need to note that your broadcast messages will only be delivered to those people who have you on their contact list, so ensure when you want to exchange contact with people, don’t give them link to click to get across to you, rather , put your contact and write “WHATSAPP ONLY”. This way, your number is on their contact list because there’s no way they can message you on whatsapp without first adding you up.


You might want to ask… “but I message new contact on whatsapp and my message get delivered?

If you forward a message to a lot of people at once, like you select contact by contact, it will deliver but you can only send to 256 contact at a time. It means that if you have 2000 people on your contact, you’ll forward the message like 8 times. If you already put 256 of them under list A for instance, and you have broadcast list A to F with 2000 people in all the 8 list together.

You’ll just forward message to 8 list instead of picking plenty contact by contact.

A broadcast is a message you send at once to all your contacts but each of them will receive it individually thinking it’s one on one message you send… that’s if you make it so. You can achieve this by using the option BROADCAST that can put all the contacts on a list. You can create different broadcast list based on gender, religious, familiarity, connection, age group e.t.c that’s if you have those details but if you don’t, you are still very fine. Let’s go.

I heard a rumour say some of una no know wetin be broadcast☹…

If that’s not true, then skip to number 2. If it’s as confirmed, then see the images I put up for you.

See it here👇👇👇

Click on that 3 dots and you’ll find yourself here👇👇

Click on the NEW BROADCAST and land yourself here👇👇👇

The above will be a list of your contact. Select the names one after the other until you’re done and satisfied.

You’ll then select the green mark at the bottom right corner as shown below.


The moment you select it, you’ll have this👇👇👇


You can now click on the green upper part there to edit your list name or add more people.


As shown below


Edit name of your broadcast list with the pencil, and add more people with the +small-boy sign up there.


You’re done. Let’s get going…


2) Your number 1 task as a business or individual is to get people to open and read your messages…

ATTENTION is the word. You need to get it.

Life is now full of plenty forwarded messages, so you need to be smart in order to get readers attention.

You don’t want people to just open and close your messages to free their notification… we all do this. hahaha.

So you see, it’s not just about sending broadcast all the time.

Keep this in mind.



3) Send messages like once in a week without any regular pattern… like Thursday this week and Saturday next one.

Once people know that you’re always coming say  every Monday like #MondayMotivation stuff you see, they’ll get tired of your Motivation.


4) Start unusually without greetings nor any kind of formality.

Don’t go and be putting headings like you’re writing for newspaper or blog.

Start like you’re just gisting with your friend, as if you’re talking from where you stopped the former gist.

Just pick it up anyhow like you just see me do.

And don’t repeat any opening sentence you’ve previously used.


5) Come with different styles of message sometimes story, another time lessons and sometimes jokes but ensure your messages seldomly speaks about what business you do or your life values.

Sometimes, just leave it hanging… .

Just make a post like you’re just dropping a thought without conclusion and wakapass.


6) All the previously discussed points are to always make you remember that whatsapp is for personal messages and let it remain as such if you want to make money here>>

Talk specifically to a person at a time even though you know it’s a broadcast. When you do this, the recipient feels you’re directly talking to him/her just as I’m making you feel now.


7) Do not let your Advert look like an Advert at all… it doesn’t make sense. A lot of people close their mind the moment they feel you want to sell to them even if they need the product.

This one to one message should be about personal chats nah… why adverts adverts?

They don’t want to feel persuaded, rather they want to feel “matured”… just ensure you get them open the message.


8)  And let me warn You, avoid sending broadcast  messages frequently.

Once you give your audience an impression that you can send message for Africa, they’ll either block you or lose total interest in reading your broadcast.

Don’t get deceived by being called a great writer, reserve your frequent messages to your blog and maybe your other social media profile. It doesn’t consume extra energy to scroll through timelines but it’s energy zapping to be doing open-n-close to messages from only you and people like you.

People only open your messages sometimes to clear off the loads of chats.

After all, we’re not on Whatsapp for only you.


9) Be funny and interactive… Learn how to do that.

Don’t say you can’t mehn…, it’s not hard to learn.

A lot of people are stressed out already, be that one person who puts a  smile on someone else’s face.


10) While you’re doing this, ensure you’ve started creating your own website where you can put detailed information about your services or gallery for your products.

You can use free but ensure you pay around 4k for a domain name.

This position you well for when you need it.

If you still can’t afford a website, no biggie, I was there, so I know that 4k can sometimes be a lot of money, sha don’t lemme see you advertising your product with one WhatsApp link there, believe me I’ll cyberflog you if you try that in this age and century, where there are several easy click catalogue you can use for your business.

Even if you have website, you still need these little monsters because people prefer chatting catalogue than a boring static webpage.

At least, be a digital person small nah.

Here’s the good news, you can create your own personal catalogue based on your business type using any of the following apps…

This could be any product from small head band to houses, land and trucks, just name it and you can have your handy catalogue.

When you’re ready to download it, just click on this list one after the other and it’ll take you to where you can download it.

A) Physical product:





B) Services




C) Courses:



D) Audio



E) Video

a. YouTube : You already automatically have a youtube channel once you have a gmail account. All you need to do is to sign in into your account an upload your phone recorded videos


F) Bookie




11) Once a while, select a picture or get any of the above link to your online store be it website link, Instagram link, your lead magnet or the link to your catalogue and put caption like…

“please I need your opinion on this”

“can you check this for me Please?”

“sorry what can you say about this”

“what do you think about This?”

“which of this two pictures should I use?”

You get???

Again, “I need you to help me” and not “I need you ALL to help me”, “Good morning to you and not “Good morning my people”

We’re talking about broadcast here and not group o… go and be calling “your people” on the group.

At some other time, you’ll broadcast 3 chats together. Lemme make myself clear.

“How was your day, I need your help, I sell this and I want you to criticize it for me” is a single message that can be broadcasted once.

But you won’t do that.

You will choose to break it down into 3 messages and forward the 3 at once. You will have to type and send them somewhere first. So that you can select the 3 chats and forward them to your broadcast list(s).

“How was your day”

“I need your help”

“I sell this and I want you to criticize it for me”

I hope this is clear now?

Sending 3 short messages will most likely let the receiver open it and respond to you.

Don’t forget to put your products or services in catalogue as discussed earlier.

Don’t go and be sending 10 pictures to someone and want them to open it… Ees eet your data? Unn?


12) Once a while, re-introduce yourself and what you do in an elevator pitch style (I mean in a clear statement of two to three lines only on how your product or services help others) and ask them how they’ll want you to help them.

This way, those who will need you will indicate interest.


13)  Once in a while, ask  a one line question or make a one line statement such that they’ll almost believe it’s not a broadcast again.

Examples “I need your help” “it’s been a while” “how was your day today? Just checking on you” “how do you think I can help You?” “just passing by ?‍♀” etc and respond when they reply.


14) End your message with a question or a joke.

This is clear nah


15) Be simple in your expression… abi who big grammer epp?

People get enough tasks than to be trying hard to understand your message.


16) Split the lines between paragraphs.

Don’t write in blocks nah… haba.

Don’t you enjoy the spaces between my lines?

Ensure there are breathing spaces in between short paragraphs.

17) Make your message short.
… You can write an epistle once in a while but don’t ever make it your benchmark to always try to whao people with all your information.

You don’t have to pass all the lessons once… a bit at a time.

Don’t be like Kifayah… even Kifayah only do a line sometimes, only few people know thou.

Learn to pay attention.

You can split them or make it in series.

The attention span of people are very short.


18) Avoid frequent picture messages on whatsapp except on your display picture (dp)…

Put your awesome pictures on your catalogue and add caption like

“I want you to view this catalogue and revert”

Let your words be clear.

Some of you even hire graphic designer for whatsapp advert, say wetin nah??

Your picture’s work is to ATTRACT first!

Do you know AIDA strategy in marketing? Google it!

Your first picture isn’t to “sell” but to get them ask about what’s going on.

Please reserve that your detailed banner or flyer to after they ask you “WHAT” or at least when they say anything relating to your picture.

You can actually tell people to check your dp or your whatsapp status.


19) Educate people about your business in a way others won’t do.

Everyone can write something, but only exceptional messages are being read.

I mean not those boring undergraduate type of information.

A simple, clear, funny way that keeps people on their sit.


20) Please STOP sharing motivation Mondays on your broadcast … There are lots of that on Facebook, groups and Google anyway.?

You should let that be for groups.


21) Use emojis to add some comic but hey, do not overuse it!


You see too… isn’t this ridiculous?


22) Pretty Images are now easy to form by yourself using phonton, canva or PicsArts app on your mobile. You’ll be amazed at the kind of images you can produce by yourself.

Meanwhile, avoid wordy images, your images are meant to speak a thousand words not that your thousand words should speak for your image.

Let your image speak for your brand no matter how small you think your brand is, afterall journey of a thousand miles start with a step.

Ensure you spend money on creating a logo, request for the transparent background too so that you can always use it to watermark your pictures when necessary.


23) Do NOT send customers reviews to your broadcast list unless it’s in form of a catchy story. Let reviews go to groups or other social media account timeline.

Remember! This is a personal message.


24) Avoid using autoreply, we dislike chatting with a bot, treat us specially and turn off any autoreply you might intend to jump on in the new WhatsApp for business introduced.

Use same for your messengers or mail and you’ll see yourselves closing more deals.

You may use auto post or bot to schedule or send messages, not to reply messages.

You may need someone, like a customer care or virtual assistant who can respond on your behalf.

And if you can’t afford hiring, reply by yourself.

25) Like every three months, offer some exceptional freebies where you’ll also put your name and contact details on the broadcast message, and let the requirement be “share first and then send me message to access it”

Another way to do this is to make it a Facebook post and tell people to send you WhatsApp message after having commented or shared it.
This way, your whatsapp list (contacts), will be expanding and you can repeat the process again and again.


26) All of the above is called a Know-Like-Trust relationships that bring sales.

Don’t make the mistake of sending the same personalized broadcast messages to a group, address your group like you’re talking to them and not him or her… group is another blog post on its own, better lemme stop here.

At the end of the day, when people open your messages in this very busy age, they’ll know what you do and they’ll request your help.

Always remember that you’re not the only one sending messages to an individual, even your family and friends don’t sometimes read your messages like the way you do too.


I believe with this, I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you that you can make a lotta money on WhatsApp Broadcast alone in Nigeria and in the whole world at large… you remember the secondary school debate nah.


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Part 4, where I shared my affiliate training on how they each person can make a minimum of 5 sales per day. It’s so real, so practical and it’ll will blow you off.


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Yours truly, Kifayah Adeniyi, wife of Omotosho … a.k.a Mompreneur 

Making legitimate money on the internet is my thing, either you want to make money through your existing business or you want to start from scratch.


A life and business strategist is who I be...


So don't be surprised to discover that I do TV show on my marriage journey or on my homeschooling journey with my 5 wards.


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