My Aunty And I: Episode 3


Aunty: But I’ve seen people whose work is only to fulfill needs and yet they are still below average, struggling to survive.

I think all your analogy up there are not realistic, it can only exist on your Facebook timeline and on the internet?

Me: aunty but why nah? Which one is the one that’s applicable only on my Facebook timeline??

Aunty: Hahaha… What happen to those who even showed up to help others but what they got in return was “we don’t need you nor your service”?.

Somebody even told me how she was embarrassed in a company she offered voluntary services. Well maybe they really don’t need her sha but then, what will be her fate?

I personally have turned some people down because I perceived them as ámèbo, only God knows their intention but I simply didn’t welcome them to help me.

Kifayah, even me, I had been turned down too when I was still doing that my food business. Sometimes I felt so bad like just stopping on the spot.

Me: Anyway, I feel you aunty, I really do.
If you remember very well, I was only establishing a WHY for you and also tell you the different MONEY we make.

Once that’s gotten, then know that the knowledge of making money only contributes 20% to the result we aspire.

A woman, whose complexion is cockroach brown gave birth to a sandy brown bouncing baby girl (Awon omo Naija Mi daa…hahaha). The father, whose complexion is albino squeezed his face to resemble a bowl of fleshly prepared amala and wondered how on earth the baby didn’t turn out white? He also was very very unhappy about a she and wondered why not a he.

You’ll agree with me that this guy is crazy… Or don’t you think so?

Before the baby was finally born as we see now, there were different things that transpired behind us nah.
We were not there when the guy was “toasting” the girl up and down, and the heart beat felt anytime the woman papa no wan gree for an albino son Inlaw. The guy started to pray and fast, he’ll trek to his office just to save money to wow the love of his life. The father Inlaw later agreed when he don smell say albino get money, they did different kind of marriages; court marriage, garden one, even kitchen one and they ended up having a union. Water mixed with water and the lady carry belle. She carried the belle for 9months before we finally received the sandy brown bouncing baby girl.

Can you see what I’m seeing aunty?

What we all see is babygirl, of which she’s a product of love, happiness, disappointment, pain, joy, disagreement, water, believe, energy…

You’re so hardworking, talented, passionate and you’ll do what others are doing, because you even know better than them, but your result is always pathetic.

Sometimes you’ll be living in the shadow of your reality. You’ll be covering up what is apparent, your inside and your outside won’t be at par.
You’re fighting a lot of war inside of you even you don’t know what’s happening.
It’s as if the whole universe is against your progress.

Sometimes, the only way we could console ourselves is to think that the rich had been destined to be rich and perhaps our destiny is to remain poor and struggle till death.

Well, I was there.

It’s not destiny!
Yesterday and today’s result doesn’t determine what tomorrow destiny holds, however, today’s THOUGHTS and STRATEGIES does.

This is when you’ll meet the participants in my buying and selling class, they paid the same amount of money, I shared my message to the group but their result differ.
While some made over 1m in 4weeks, some made nothing, absolutely nothing.
Some will describe me as loving while to some, it’s the opposite.
This is the reality of life, what many don’t know is that there’s more to what we see, how we react and what we get as a result in general.

If you’re not getting the kind of result you aspire, then you are definitely missing the LINK between EFFORT and RESULT which is the most important thing you can ever know.

Aunty: hmmmm, but what exactly is it gaaaan naaah?

Me: I leave you to go and read SECRET OF THE MILLIONAIRE MIND before our next meeting by God’s grace.
Ensure you submit the lesson learnt in the comment box when you’re done. I need to get desirable response to move on. This is because the invincible is more than what you see, I’m not quitting because you’re doing your part. Not doing it again will mean, I should go and sleep.

Tell us how this post relate to you in the comment box below. Share it until it reaches those who also need it.

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PS: There’s a copy of the book on Google, but I learnt it’s illegal due to copyright issue. I just got a hard copy in a bookshop so please go to ojuelegba bookshops to get yours.
If you don’t have the time or you’re not in Lagos, then I can help you to get it across to you. It cost #1000 for the book, remember that it’ll cost you delivery too which will be determined by your location.

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  1. Taiwo
    December 15, 2017

    This post, I will have to digest again. I hope I will have a better understanding when I read the book. Pls can I still get one from you? Is the offer still open? My usual location is agege. On the whole thou I do enjoy ‘my aunt ni’. I can relate with it cos its real.
    JazakalLahu khairan.

    1. The Legit-Way-Out Money,Business and Lifestyle
      January 1, 2018

      Aameen sis. You can get the book, yes.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

      Have you read the 4th EPISODE? It’s already here on the blog.

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