PicsArt_12-31-11.02.56Aunty: There’s one thing I can tell you for free, and it’s the fact that I read a lot, I invest in personal development, I attend events, I meet with people of my dream business etc and yet it doesn’t seem your analysis in our last chats is right Kifayah.

Me: Your words are true. So true and it holds for a lot of people.

Most times you have this feeling of unexplained emptiness that becloud your world.

Most of the time, we have baggage of burden we carry up and down…

We think of ourselves based on past experience, present challenges, failure, mistakes, criticism, abuse and even family history and we’re quick to sometimes accept the little whispering of not going to make it in life.

This becomes your inner struggle that put you down any moment you feel high.

You look at everyone as moving forward except yourself, you remember your age and your agemates and you feel lost as to your achievements.

You think everyone has started what you could have started without remembering that those who started can’t serve the whole universe and more so you’re unique in your own way if you pay attention to whom you are.

When you COMPARE yourself with Tolu, she doesn’t know half of what you know so “WHY ME with all this shitty experience?” is what you could mutter.

If it’s not you, who would it be?

“In fact Tolu used to be the bad girl in those days, see her now married to Kabir that’s so rich and loving…, in fact I’m really ENVYing them o”

This leads to WORRYing about your present and the future, then you REGRET ever meeting that your husband that couldn’t love, care nor provide for you.
You’re really DISAPPOINTED with some family and friends attitude towards the situation you found yourself, which leads to HATRED and then, BLAME and you really need to SHOW/PROVE them wrong or at least you’ll RETALIATE when God eventually open the door for you.

Pay attention to the BLOCK words and work on them.

The reality is that God may not give you the chance to SHOW them until you understand that everything and everyone are a sort of blessing to you, directly or indirectly. The way it makes you feel is why you’re looking for what better thing you can do. If you finally get what you can do, it becomes a ripple effect because you too will be a blessing to some other people/thing.

Sometimes you’re just AFRAID this too may fail because it seems most things you try become REGRET and PEOPLE will be counting it for you.
You always forget to remember that most of those who eventually succeed are those, who despite their difficulties, never stop to try again.

You already lack self believe, your self efficacy is so low and your lack of confidence shows in the way you carry yourself.

This feeling usually start when you read or hear the news of some people doing great,(thou not necessarily, but most time), then You suddenly start to feel you’re not progressing…COMPARISON.

You owe yourself to be great always, unapologetically.

The summary of this is grouped into four realm of success.

1) The spiritual realm is when your soul is in a state of harmony with the outer world around you. This radiate on your face and your attitude towards life.
This isn’t about the mosque or church, it’s a natural state of tranquillity you get by nurturing your soul with some personal activities that rejuvenate the soul.

2) The Mental Realm when your self belief is so strong and your confidence radiate in the things you do.

When you can visualize great things in a state of assurance without doubt.

When your confidence is contagious, when your zeal makes others wanting to do…

When you’re not in good mental state, this is when you don’t have money to buy something that interest you and the next thing you’ll say is “I’m not available at the moment” or “this product is not really what I want” … What happen to saying it the way it is?

Mental clarity is what happen when we’ve ACCEPTED that everything happens for a reason. It’s your spiritual world that will settle this with your mental world sometimes.

3) Your Emotional Realm is having a balanced and healthy relationship while learning to manage or drop toxic ones. It’s about how you handle criticism and negativity. If you want to be successful in anything be it marriage, friendship or business, you’ll realize there’s going to be good and bad times, how you respond to this is what really matter.

4) Your Physical Realm is everything physical around you. The food you eat, your clothes, the neatness and beauty of your abode, your friends, your gesture…

The truth is that this feeling of emptiness happens to everyone of us including some of us that you think things always work in our favour.

We know this feeling, we acknowledge it everytime it comes, and we do know our citadel when we’re down with it.

No alert will bring it up, no Amala and Gbegiri will do the wonder… until I retrace my steps back to what makes my soul and my whole world connect.

Part of what I do is

1) FOCUSING on my lane, knowing that my life is my life and not anybody’s life no matter how smooth and progressive life is to others.

2) Specifically mentioning people’s name in my prayer for their success and forgiveness, be it my “competitor” , those who hurt me, my friends and anyone who’s doing great around me.

3) I remind or discover why I started my business and or relationship, picture where I’m going, and restrategize when necessary.

4) I do two units of prayer after sunrise and it gives me a kind of serenity that makes me sleep like a baby.

5) I’m deeply thankful of my successes, my mistakes and my failures because they’re the blessings that bring me to different phase of my life.

6) I cut down my to-dos to a single project and reach out to mentor that will make sure I’m on track and an accountability partner that understand my craziness.

7) I draw out my vision and I declare greatness every morning.

8) I take a walk bare footed and I race with little children.

I won’t be sharing everything here but I hope one or two of these can be useful to you.

Find what works for your soul, it’s very important if you want to reach your milestone. Set yourself on FIRE now now.

There must be something you need to discover about yourself that makes you go into peace, tranquillity and high productive energy.

This ordinarily should lead to self discovery but it’s a huge discussion on its own, so I’ll rather focus on BUSINESSES WE CAN START WHILE MANAGING OUR CHALLENGES in our subsequent episodes by God’s grace.

Aunty: Kifayah o se (Thank you Kifayah)

If you’ll want me to help you with your self discovery, message me via or email me via and we’ll get it trashed by God’s grace.


1) If you’re not afraid of anything or anyone, how will you live your life? Why?

2) If money isn’t your problem, what business will you start now and why?

3) Before now, how do you perceive your challenges and how do you perceive it now after reading this?

4) What are the things that bring your soul alive when you’re empty?

5) What is your kind of relationship and how are you going to make it better?

PS: I read all your comments, and it inspires me to keep sharing this.

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  1. Suhaib
    January 1, 2018

    This right here is the BOMB! Mompreneur you are absolutely correct. I can’t agree more.

    Thanks for sharing and I’m sharing this right away.

    1. The Legit-Way-Out Money,Business and Lifestyle
      January 1, 2018

      Thank you my honoured honourable for reading and taking time to COMMENT.

      I appreciate you. And thank you for sharing.

  2. Iswat
    January 1, 2018

    Ma Sha Allah… the write-up was inspiring, will work on the takeaway and surely send u a mail as regards the “self discovery”. As salam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakahthuh.

    1. The Legit-Way-Out Money,Business and Lifestyle
      January 1, 2018

      Wa’alaykumussalaam warahmatullaah Queen. I’ll be expecting your takeaway as a COMMENT here very very soon.

      Hope you shared it already?

  3. Issa
    January 1, 2018

    very inspiring, more wisdom to your bank of knowledge.

    1. The Legit-Way-Out Money,Business and Lifestyle
      January 1, 2018

      Thank you for reading my Queen.

      Hope you’re working on your takeaway and hope you’ve shared it?

  4. Ahuoiza
    January 1, 2018

    Your write ups are ever so inspiring. I personally have made a conscious decision to throw out all negative baggage in my head so I can succeed in 2018.
    Before I perceived my challenges as God’s will or caused by my loved ones, but after reading your piece I realize my challenges are self made and I can take action to change my situation. Wishing us all more achievements in future.

    1. The Legit-Way-Out Money,Business and Lifestyle
      January 1, 2018

      Awww…thank you for your kind words and for responding with you thoughts.
      I’m more glad you find it useful.

      Looking forward to reading the answers to your takeaway.

      Hope you share to all your social network?

  5. Aisha
    January 2, 2018

    Wow! AWESOME.???May the Almighty grant you more wisdom.

  6. Taiwo
    January 2, 2018

    Thank u sooo much for this. Your words are truly inspiring, and all so familiar.

  7. Rhenny
    January 3, 2018

    Great post….highly motivational.

  8. Sparklean_CS
    January 5, 2018

    Though I was aiming big initially, but meeting mumpreneur and her ever inspiring posts, I can’t wait to be bigger even the biggest, am off to put this into action

    Am going to reply you with the take away…. It’s unique and it’s also a mode of personal-testing ones ability …….. May Allah continue to grease your unending effort

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