One hour Strategic Consultation.


Irrespective of where you are right now, it's exactly where you're ought to be and that's why we cross path at this moment.

Meeting me is a coincidence, me and you can work together to make things work the best in any matter of your choice.

Be it, marriage issue, Business issue, personal life challenges etc.

I'm a coach and my goal is to get you result.

I have this one hour session in two ways.

       1)  We speak for one hour: I'll give you strategy, I'll add additional material of the discussion plus a goal sheet and a wheel of life with explanation on how to use them. The only thing I'll be expecting from you will be a feedback of success. 

Amount: N40,000/ $110


         2.  All what's in (1) above with one week follow up as to know where you're stuck and give an additional practical strategy based on the outcome of what you've executed earlier from (1) above.

Amount: N70,000/ $190

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