What is Your Best Chance of Earning 1 Million Naira Selling Physical Products Online at the Comfort of Your Home or Office, Even as an Online Newbie?

Firstly, watch this 1 minute video below to know how it works.

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Hello, My Divine Friend!


Our path cross for a divine reason, not just a coincidence. You will understand me better when you are done reading through this page and I'll tell you how to verify me at the end of this message. 


A client was referred to me and her one question was "how true is it to make 1million naira per month in ecommerce and how does it really work?"

My response was:

"As true and simple as it is to actually make 1million Naira per month in ecommerce, only like 1% of those who are doing it are making the loads of the money and I'll tell you why"


  • Get hot selling product


  • Check it in Nigerian Chinese warehouses.


  • If not available in the Chinese warehouses in Nigeria, import small quantity directly from the Chinese manufacturers.


  • Bypass custom by using direct agent/freight company from China


  • Get a picture of the products, post it online, market it and sell


  • Do this again in a bigger scale and your enemy will wonder how you break through.


In a simple term, it is called Online Buying an Selling.


But there's a but... google information can't get you the result, you need a mentor to guide you.


The truth is that anyone, no matter how novice you are with internet stuff, no matter your location, once there is an android phone, good network connection( at least have 2 network if you don't have a modem), a credit card,  at least 1 hour daily and more importantly, a positive mindset, together with willingness to work.


Please note, you have to be ready to do the work... otherwise this is not for you. 

Even though anyone can get fake testimonials, please read the testimonials page carefully to see those who do not make money and those who made.

These are some other ones that were dropped when I asked mentees to just introduce themselves. I was shocked to receive these messages  and that's why I randomly pick few to avoid boring you with testimonials.





BUSINESS STARTER MENTORING {ACTIVE} @8k monthly if you pay now {20k after 24hrs} 

This is for you either you just want to start making money online for the first time or you just want to start another business from scratch again.


Along the line, you'll have a choice to select one out of any of these hot product NICHES with the highest demand (rice supply, children's luxury car, kitchenware supply, fashion, smart devices etc) or a hot service NICHE (relationship, marriage, fitness, wealth etc)

You can do it from any part of the world once you hav good internet connection. 


You'll be able to model the steps.


It's practical and not a lump of info.

It follows...




 Building Relationship

 Mind Mapping

 Business NICHE selection

Building the business

 Marketing Online

 Marketing Offline



Access to supply fund for verified members


BUSINESS OWNER MENTORING {ACTIVE} @15k monthly if you pay now {40k after 24hrs}


 This is for you if you want to scale your business to sell appropriately to a define market that can afford you be it online or offline. 


It involves...




 Mind mapping

 The "why" of a business

 Business Auditing Checklist

 DNA categorization

 Copy writing

 Competitive Analysis





BUSINESS STARTER MENTORING {PASSIVE} @15k monthly if you pay now {40k after 24hrs}


This is for everyone either you already joined the active mentoring or you have a JOB/BUSINESS that you are actively involved in. 

It's a must have passive income for everyone where you leverage on a company with system.

We take off stress looking for product, managing the copies, getting the post, following up with the customers from you. 


This is so that you can face your other sources of income squarely while you just copy and paste daily. 


You'll be provided with everything you will need including but not limited to the following:



 Customer follow ups

 What to post 



Etc... all handled by the company with a guaranteed high return and legitimate product. 



INVESTOR MENTORING {PASSIVE} @15k monthly if you pay now {40k after 24hrs} 




 Circle of Investment

 Investment categories

 Importation and Ecommerce

 Supply business

 Real Estate Investment



This discount ends with the countdown timer  you see here. Which means you will have to pay the normal price any time the timer clocks zero.
We are sorry you will never get this price again for any of the mentoring.
The mentoring starts soon but you'll be in your various groups to be introduced to the basics such that some people could be making money before the actual starting date.
You can access the first gift which is how I use WhatsApp messenger to bring lots of money into my pocket and the pocket of few who know the secret. CLICK HERE
You can access the second free gift here which is a mini importation pdf by clicking HERE 
But let me tell you, you have to read it immediately because it can be deactivated at any time.

If you want to read about the freebies for you and also read more testimonials, please click on 6 figures ecommerce

Frequently Asked Questions

 How much will it cost me to get started

With 20,000 Naira, you’ll get started. This will help you to get your products, package it and transport it.

If you don’t have anything, you’ll also get started well. You will soon see this when you begin.

 What is the subscription fee for, for how long will I pay it, why must I use my credit card? 

It is a membership support fee for your mastermind and you’ll pay it until you feel you can fly alone and then opted out of the support group. 
Once you pay through the link, you are automatically directed to the mastermind group so you’ll need to apply for another card if you don’t have a functioning one.

 Will i make millions like your other mentees? 

No No No you won’t. Until you put in an equivalent work without excuse and until your believe in your possiblity of making millions becomes your second life. 

 What i do currently is time consuming, will i be able to cope? 

If what you mean is that you cannot sacrifice any time for the sake of your very own future, that you can only sacrifice for other people’s future except yours then this is not for you.

If you mean that you might not be able to do some day light task because you’ll be at work then that’s understandable and we have some of our team that will be willing to help you out. We also have a strategy you can use without being always actively involved.

You’ll however need at least 1 hour daily sacrifice even if it’s in the midnight to follow the class and execute your takeaways.

 I don't know anything about the internet, will i be able to cope?

Of course yes. We all didn’t know anything at a time, and we learn it the way we learned to use phone when phone just came.

Many of my students started without knowing even how to open a gmail account and today, they are proud of themselves.

 I'm not in Lagos or i'm not in Nigeria, what will be my fate? 

We have support team that help with local runnings and they charge in kind or in cash based on your agreement with our supervision. At least you’ll see some of the testimonials on the other page. 

 Will you really hold me by hand, because i'm a novice o

It’s a group mentoring. Please understand this, not a one on one. My team or myself will be there for everyone when necessary. Plus the ultimate support of your mastermind team.

Me and you will only talk during our scheduled one on one call

What if i don't need all the information, is there a way i can only get the book? 

Sure yes, just click on the capitalized words here to get the details OUR BOOKS

Take Action Before This Offer Expires

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To verify further, either me or anyone, Google the name.

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