Peer Mentoring: Family Is Everything

Family Is Everything

Peer Mentoring is a voluntary scheme which is flexible, confidential, and fits around your availability and preferences. Full training is provided, and is compulsory for both mentees and mentors. All mentees and mentors will receive a certificate at a Celebration Evening dedicated to Peer Mentoring. Your participation will be reflected on your  record and will be valuable for any future placement 
Peer Mentoring is for those who want to be in the mindset of their aspiring billionaire Noblepreneurs for a year. They meet weekly to table their progress and challenges, and each member suggest à way out to other members.

Nothing beats a family of your own, where you say it at it is without fear of being judged, being abused or being washed down.

Nothing beat being in the midst of peer that support you to get your best.

Holding ourselves accountable towards a common goal in our money matter, business life and general lifestyle.

It’s a Facebook community of good minded people who are not only interested in growth, as related to money, businesses and lifestyle, but also interested in your struggles in order to give you a shoulder to rest on.

Everyday comes with its fun as we discuss through the following hashtags
#TogethernessTuesday (Marriage,Parenting, Family Matters)
#TormentingThursday … call it Ranting Day, hahaha
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