Discover Yourself To Uncover Your Luxury.


It's simple this book will take you through Self Discovery and then build a business out of it.


Many people build business and 7 out of 10 businesses close down before it's 2 years old.


Business is hectic and frustrating.


Building business out of what you love is how to build an empire.


Nope you'll still do what you hate.


But what you love and the purpose of doing it will give you the fuel needed to take your business car to its destination.

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Dear Friend,

I am Temitope Kifayah, popularly called Mompreneur, daughter of Adeniyi, wife of Omotosho, homeschooling mama of five…

I’m a foodie, especially Amala with Abula, I love playing ?

I’m the founder of The Legit-Way-Out where I help individuals on self discovery, kickstarting hustle business and dream business. We also help companies with content, social media tools and strategies to attract more paying client.

 You may check through my website or Google my name to confirm my lies.

How I utilize talents to make millions.

Many who heard my story thought it’s a fake one… You know why?

When you have your first child and you’re not rich, there’s a Nigerian factor that makes it almost “impossible” for you to make it in life.


Ok you too think about how expenses begin to rise exponentially when kids mouth become bigger, their education, their clothing and many other upkeep.

I became depressed, hateful, suicidal etc etc… And I always wished we could just go back to Ife, my higher institution, because I believed opportunity was in Ife and only the rich had opportunity in Lagos.

Thank God we are alive here in Lagos today.

The story changed the day I realized we’ve spent 2 years already in Lagos and life wasn’t taking us to Ife… So I began to see OPPORTUNITIES.

I created a book where I put step by step of what you need, what to do and how to do it.


I know that most people wonder why coaches or internet marketers charge so high, I then came to realise I do the same thing for the same reason or similar reasons other do.

If it’s too expensive, they’ll say they don’t have money, if it’s too cheap, they’ll call it a crap that they just want to get little little money from you since you can find the info on Google free of charge.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, I promise to make this cheap and I’ll leave it like that, and yet the case studies, the oversimplified strategic steps and the selling tactics here that worth thousands of Naira can’t be found on Google. I should not be telling you this if you’ve read my blog before, I lay my inner circle strategies open without holding back.

@#5,000 only

Momprenur is simply one of the best , she has really transformed me to a proper business woman, ones again I am very grateful to God Almighty who used her to improve my business and business mind set.

?I will recommend that people should key into her courses and don’t mind how much it cost because am very sure if you are highly dedicated and follow her judiciously you will get back your money in less than a month by God’s grace.

?My recommendation is that some parts of the course should be held live so as to carry along and motivate the slow ones amongst us.
Love you Momprenur for God’s Sake.?

?Thank you all for making the class interactive, engaging and productive.?

– One of my Students

I have a mantra, Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing excellently.

@#5,000 only

Valid for only 24hours

@#5,000 only

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