When FACEBOOK chooses ME as ADVERTISERS CASE STUDY…it can only be God

Feeling blessed: When FACEBOOK chooses ME as a CASE STUDY… It can only be GOD

As an introverted and a very shy person I am(I actually have both introvert and extrovert trait), I started out selling on Facebook with barely 100 friends when hunger caught the hell out of me. I was the last to embrace facebook from amidst my friends due to my extreme shyness.
I was a totally unknown person in the whatsapp groups I belonged.

When we had financial challenges, at first I thought miracle would happen as a typical Nigerian nah. I believed so much in this upcoming miracle such that it kept me from doing anything.

As time goes by, the financial crisis became even worse and I became even doubtful of my faith. I started hating and biffing everyone of my friend who’s “rich”, I started wishing them bad and I started looking at family and friends too with one kain eye??. Thou when people meet me they were always like “maashaaAllaah… Religious” but I was everything short of any spirituality.

One day, I stumbled on a book about online business, it’s so attractive and I thought to myself “if only I could get this, it’ll be the end to my problem”. I borrowed money and got this book.

This is just another disaster…

My journey started on facebook.

I created my page and would post there without any “likes” nor “interest” from prospect.

It happened that someone I’d helped with a selling strategy before was one of the facebook gistas then… Lol
When she saw how I was struggling to be seen on facebook, she added me to many facebook groups.

Introverts are readers and “hackers”… not the bad one thou.

I mastered those who get noticed and SALES most importantly and I researched more on social selling.

I started selling like 100k per day on facebook using OPM(Other people’s Money) as my capital base.
The returns increased with time, and I helped others too achieved the same.
Yes, I invested money, time, energy… I made a lot of sacrifices.

So many great things happened and are still happening God willing … TV show, radio, events, online platforms sales etc

My friend Mofolusade Mumpreneur learnt about me also through facebook and invited me to be a speaker on an International Stage oh my God, yes SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK,Lagos. I wasn’t prepared for it but I embraced it.
Using this opportunity to thank you sis… Much love.


Through this event, I was featured on many blogs including PULSE NIGERIA Hehehe… Poor me.

An oyinbo fellow contacted me one day that she’s from Facebook and she read about me online…

To cut the story short, she works with facebook and here’s the result in the picture.



Please don’t underestimate your struggles, it’s part of your message to the world. Your experience will do well to help others even though only experience is not enough.
I remember a time I spitted fire on my group that people I worked with kept me as secret… The outpour of testimonies I received got me crying… Until one on the members even said “so you people have been keeping all these? This is wickedness”. Yes I filed them… I’m shy myself so I understand sometimes when you’re not yet comfortable sharing a part of your story.

God willing, this is just the beginning…

Pray more, strive more, read more, do more, help more and no matter how you feel, NEVER GIVE UP.

I put this here just to tell someone that…
“Your situation today isn’t at all your future, what you make out of it is what truly matters”–Kifayah Mompreneur

Kifayah; your sister, your friend and your partner in progress.

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  1. Onuoha Ifechinyere Uzochukwu
    June 19, 2017

    This is really amazing!
    It can only be God.

    Now I have a blog to follow!

    Allah ya baki sa’a

  2. David Ese
    March 1, 2018

    Wow ! quite an insightful and inspiring account.
    It holds out a lot of hope for those struggling to find their feet.
    Truly, the legit way out!

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