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PS: Working personally with me in form of 1hour, 1month, 3 months or 1 year circle of influence comes with the following:
Sample Value List, Daily Plan Template, Goal Questions, Your Goals Sheet, and The Wheel of Life.

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 Irrespective of where you are right now, it's exactly where you're ought to be and that's why we cross path at this moment. Meeting me is a coincidence, me and you can work together to make things work the best in any matter of your choice. It may be on business, startups, money, digital business, social meia or life.  My goal is to get you result. I have this one hour session in two ways... read more

Many business aren't selling because they simply do not know the right recipe of a highly converting business. While some struggle with managing staffs either due to shortage of money or even the strategy to handle them and make your staffs your number 1 fans and cheerleaders. Some fail at managing existing customers as well as scaling. A business not scalable is not a sustainable business and it should either be rebuilt or rebranded.

 My book isn’t just a book, it’s a promise fulfilled that gives every reader a sense of working directly with me. Get any of my book for yourself and for the people you love. Don’t forget, there’s a special commission for you when you buy for others or you refer us to others after your purchase.

 It's simple I'll take you through Self Discovery and then build a business out of it. Many people build business and 7 out of 10 businesses close down before its 2 years old. Business is hectic and frustrating. Building business out of what you love is how to build an empire. Nope you'll still do what you hate.

 It's not new that many people you know with so much great skills, so much knowledge, so much expertise, so much talent, so much methodologies and strategies are themselves still struggling to cope with marriage, relationship and wealth. I was there...

 No matter how skilled and hardworking you are, think about the days you'll be sick and inactive for your business. Does that mean your business will be sick too? You can now build your own passive or full time business with a digital product of your passion.

 KCOI is a close-knit group where we bond as family to achieve extraordinary life and business results. I share both inner and outer games of life that made me money, happiness, and influence without leaving out spouse/family wealth and spirituality.

This is a year-long program, so if you are ready for a journey of self-transformation and exponential growth, then this is for you!

 When adverts fail, it's due to many things from creatives, objective, optimization, targeting, offer, landing page etc. Even though a lot of people just assume it's about targeting. Nope, there are more. Book me now to run an ad for your business and manage the ad for one week. Let's get going and get result If you are sure of how valuable your product is.  

 What is your best chance of earning 1 million naira selling physical products online at the comfort of your home or office even as an online newbie? The truth is that anyone, no matter how novice you are with internet stuff, no matter your location, once there is an android phone, good network connection, credit card, at least 1 hour daily and more importantly, a positive mindset, together with willingness to work.

This is about... Getting hot selling products, mini importation, sourcing from nigeria warehouses and selling off online within the shortest time and i' ll hold you by hand in a special closed online group until you get result...

This mastermind only bring to you verified investment opportunities that guarantees high ROI with transparency. Why should you trust this time around? We've been in ecommerce and Real Estate business for the past 5 years working with people and businesses. We know businesses that yield money, we know how we verify businesses and we know what works in Naija. We DON'T DO “get rich quick“ neither do we engage in “transfer and withdraw". If that's what you want, then this isn't the place.

Today's investors are more particular about packaging (shining object syndrome) and this is why more and more of them get duped. I and other team of professionals create materials and video tour guide to show investor what's safe to buy, what's not safe to buy and how to spot wrong investments...

 Our training is designed to get you, your team, your business or your organization to be aware, get along, evolve, and experience a shift in process from any of our life building and digital marketing skills.

  One of the stories we hear is that agents are not selling. How will they sell when what most of what you're marketing are not genuine and you're not aware? That's by the side. Another problem is that you're just like every other agents out there copying and pasting the same message but expecting extraordinary results. Let me show you how to stand out and sell out as an agents, consultant or affiliates by showing you what's going on and how to market like a pro. 

Invitation to train family, businesses, organisations, community or team on any area of expetise  here

My Homeschooling starter kits and yours.  For every intentional parent who wants the best for their children, be a typical or special need child, to giving them all the activities other children in conventional school enjoy like swimming, martial art, archery, life skills and vocations and many more… 

Whether on life, personal development, marriage and relationships, wealth building...or simply to share business experience over a bowl of ice cream, i'm available.

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