Your Unknown Dependant

I want you to know that there’s one person, either in your family, amongst your friends, on the group you belong to or even on your contact list whose destiny directly ties to yours.

He’s your dependant, and you’re his guardian.

It’s only when you show up that they fulfil their purpose and destiny.

I used to be very shy, I used to be fearful of people and so I withdraw easily anytime I make an attempt to show up, then I suddenly realised I was self centered. I was only thinking about me, I was only thinking about the one thousand negative people, I was always thinking about what the beefers will say, I was always thinking about how bad my grammar was…



I didn’t used to think about that ONE PERSON, whose destiny will only come to reality just because I stand on my feet.

I didn’t used to think about that Facebook observer that will never “like” nor “comment” but every post I make will set her free.

Then I stood up.

I told myself.

No matter what the case maybe, I’ll not stoop low again because of you, oh you my destined dependent.

Just because of you, I’ll always do my best to show up until you yourself can inspire your own dependent, whose destiny is also tied to yours.

I won’t ever mind the naysayers again and believe me, I won’t fear the blame of the blamers.

I’ll only obey my creator, whose command to me is to stand tall to encourage good and forbid evil… to be the best of who I want to be.

Just because our individual destiny as a nation, rest upon the action and the inaction of a fellow human being.

God will not descend upon us to help, your unknown guardian is waiting for you too just as your unknown dependent is waiting for you.

At each stages of our lives, someone will just show up to rescue us and we’ll call them God Sent… it had been decreed.

So also, your own dependent is waiting for you too.

And Allaah says… “Oh you people! We’ve indeed created you in male and female, and we made you into tribes and nation so that you can know yourselves, verily, the most beloved to Allaah amongst you is good one”

So remember, goodness is in obeying your Lord and in kindness to humanity.

Until you learn to do without expecting anything in return nor without any ulterior motives.

Henceforth, I give up on my lazy and procrastination habit.

Henceforth, I give up on my fearfulness of my grammatical blunder.

Henceforth, I give up on my sleepy sleep habit.

Henceforth, I give up on minding the naysayers.

Henceforth, I give up on always comparing myself to the growth of others which usually cripple my activities to give the best.

Henceforth, I give up on waiting for perfection before I act.

Henceforth, I give up always asking “what’s in it for me” before helping others.

Henceforth, I’ll give up hiding my real identity and struggles because I know that sharing it will make you know that you’re not the only one.

My destiny and your destiny are different but interrelated, we need each other’s shoulder to lean on, and our times are numbered on the surface of the earth.

We grow by lifting others up.

What’s that thing that you’ll give up henceforth for the sake of yourself and that of your unknown dependent?

From the bottom of my heart; Kifayah Adeniyi Omotosho (Mompreneur)

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We’re in this struggles together.

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